10 Factors That Make Philippines the Top Outsourcing Destination for Businesses

10 Factors That Make Philippines the Top Outsourcing Destination for Businesses

10 Factors That Make Philippines the Top Outsourcing Destination for Businesses

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has been defined to be the delegation of IT-intensive processes and tasks to an external party, who in turn, manages the tasks and projects based on the company’s standards and measurable performance metrics. 

The specific tasks are normally done within the organization, but BPO allows for more efficiency. Some usual activities outsourced by companies include back office work, as well as technical services from copywriting and data analytics, to consulting. 

Thanks to globalization and technical innovation, companies can now easily outsource or hire someone from a country with cheap labor! 


What are the two types of BPO services?


Allow us to break down the BPO services for you! These can actually be categorized into two, namely back office and front office work. 

From the name itself, back office refers to tasks that will put you out of the spotlight. Employees won’t be directly interacting with the customers, and instead, would work on various services such as but not limited to accounting, human resources, IT, finance, and more. 

Next is the front office work. This is where customer service comes into play because it’s all about client-facing activities. Employees who are assigned with this task would be dealing with the company’s customers to either give them information or help them resolve a complaint. 

Not all countries are good at providing the best level of customer service, and if you are not careful, you might deal more harm to your company! For many years now, the Philippines has topped the list worldwide in terms of offshoring locations mainly because of its large talent pool, quality of work, competitiveness, and high English proficiency. 

Facts About the Philippine BPO Industry


Let’s look at the facts, shall we? It is important for you to understand why the Philippines is considered the top outsourcing destination in the world. 

1. The country is known as the Call Center Capital of the World. Based on the estimates from LSE, there are over 1.3 million people working in over 1,000 BPO companies. 

2. There are big savings on operational costs of up to 80% when partnering with contractors in the Philippines. Aside from that, when you compare the cost of labor with Australia, the US, and Europe, the cost of labor is up to 70% lower. 

3. The Philippines maintains a very high standard of education. There are hundreds of thousands of university graduates every year, and the literacy rate is always high at 97.5%. This is highly important for businesses, especially for outsourced front office work. 

4. The Philippines is one of the top English-speaking countries in the world, together with India, United States, Pakistan, and Nigeria. In fact, the country has over 92 million English speakers! You won’t be encountering any language barrier or real workplace differences, as employing Filipinos would be akin to working with Americans or even Australians.

5. The BPO industry in the country has thrived since the 90s. The country generated $26.7 billion in the past year, and it is forecasted to grow through the years. 


10 Factors That Make Philippines the Top Outsourcing Destination for Businesses

Outsourcing to the Philippines has become a critical strategy for most businesses. If your company is aiming for business transformation, long-term value, and customer satisfaction, then you need to start looking at where it begins. The country is perfect for back office tasks, but all the more for front office tasks where customer service is at play.

1. High proficiency in the English language
The Philippines is one of the top English-speaking countries in the world, so a high English proficiency is already a given. You won’t face any troubles with the language barrier, because the employees are guaranteed to deliver exceptional service to your customers without getting lost in translation. This is especially critical when dealing with irate people!

2. Big savings on labor costs
Compared to other countries, the cost of living in the Philippines is relatively low. For you, this means that the operational cost will also be lower especially if you compare it to what you usually pay in Western countries. Any business loves big savings, so this makes the Philippines appealing!

3. Customer-centric workers
Huge savings won’t matter if it meant transferring your power to a team incapable of delivering exceptional service. Lucky for you, the Philippines is also popular for its culture of customer service excellence. The country is known for its hospitality, and being customer-centric is already ingrained in everyone.

In relation to your business, these highly-skilled workers will make sure to help you become closer to your customers and instill loyalty in them.

4. A supportive government

The Philippine government understands the value of a foreign investment and is proactive in infrastructure investment. Their support has led to the industry’s status as one of the country’s biggest growth sectors.

5. Access to a rich pool of talent
There are over 41 million highly trained people in the workforce, and many are already experienced in the BPO industry. You will appreciate the improved productivity in your business and access to a rich pool of talent that may be lacking from your local workforce.

6. Data security
If you have a strict foreign data privacy act in place, you need not worry. The Philippines will ensure that their workers adapt to your privacy requirements.

7. The industry track record is exceptional
Prior to becoming a powerhouse in the BPO industry, Philippines has already become active since the early 90s to service international companies. The total revenue from this sector has been reported to be over $26.7 billion in 2020 alone. It is also expected to grow in the coming years!

8. 24/7 Support
You already know this. It will cost you more to have your current staff work around the clock 24/7 just to provide customers with what they need. It would be more reasonable to outsource to the Philippines! The customer service representatives here can take and manage calls in the early morning and late at night, thanks to the difference in your time zones!

9. Compatible with western countries
The Philippines is pretty much exposed to Western culture every day. This makes them compatible with foreign companies, and won’t have a hard time socializing or working with them.

10. The country’s economic growth
The country is known as the outsourcing and call center capital of the world. They can drive economic growth, which is highly beneficial for many foreign investors.


Outsource work to a place providing the best level of customer service! If you need a hand, send us a message!


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Expert Data Entry Specialists for Your Business

Expert Data Entry Specialists for Your Business

Expert Data Entry Specialists for Your Business

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A well-trained and qualified data entry specialist can make all the difference for your company. While the tasks required for the role are pretty mundane, the results are crucial to making sure your company can keep tabs on the information that really matters.

You know what happens when you have properly collected and analyzed data – you can make strategic moves to scale the business or improve processes!

Before we got to the topic of hiring data entry specialists, let us first define data entry.


What is data entry? 

Data entry is a process that is considered an integral part of data management, which refers to the collection, storage, and analysis of data from either electronic or non-electronic sources. After the data is collected, it is then managed and organized within the system.


How important is data entry to a business? 

All successful businesses recognize the importance of data entry, as it allows them to rise over the competition and improve their sales and marketing strategies.

The data collected from customers would typically contain information such as profile, their purchase behavior, interests, and more. In the age of information, you will lose if you don’t see the value in managing all these! 

What skills does a good data entry specialist possess?


We get it. You are already decided to use data to your advantage by hiring data entry specialists to join your team. As long as we’re on the topic of keeping a competitive advantage, then we’re here to help you out! Leave the task of picking out the best data entry specialists to us so you can just focus on more important things such as scaling. 

Doesn’t the idea of improving your business and keeping costs low sound so good? We can be on the lookout for the best talents. Here are some of the skills a good data entry specialist possesses: 

Good Data Entry Specialist Attention to Detail

Razor Sharp Attention to Detail

A data entry specialist needs to perform high-volume data entry using various word processing, spreadsheet, database, or other computer software. On top of that, they are dealing with sensitive data that will be crucial for the company’s growth.

This is why every good data entry specialist should have high attention to detail, may it be in encoding the data, or reviewing it for missing information or discrepancies.

Good Data Entry Specialist Organized

Organization Skills

It would be difficult for a normal person to prepare, compile, sort, and encode documents daily – taking into consideration the integrity of data. This is where a good data entry specialist comes in! He or she is not just tasked to simply transfer information from paper to computer formats.

Organization skills will really come in handy!

Good Data Entry Specialist Integrity


If you are entrusting your data to a specialist, then you should have the confidence and peace of mind to know that your people are motivated to maintain a satisfactory level of quality and productivity per your standards.

A good data entry specialist has integrity in collecting and organizing important company data and keeping all your records updated.

Working Experience of a Data Entry Specialist 


A higher education degree is not always required for this role. However, companies often look at a person’s knowledge in using specific computer programs such as Adobe, Omnipage, Soda, Windows, Google Suite, DocuFree, and more. A data entry specialist’s working experience is classified accordingly:

JUNIOR: This data entry specialist only has less than 2 years of experience, and would often only handle customer databases. 

INTERMEDIATE: This is the minimum level of a good data entry specialist because it means more years of experience, including exposure to verification of information and spotting discrepancies. They are not simply trained to encode data but are already adept at checking incompatibilities. More often than not, they are also referred to as analysts.  

SENIOR: Last but definitely not least is the final working experience level of a data entry specialist. Seniors would already have extensive experience in data analysis and data entry. They have already mastered the smooth and efficient processing of large amounts of information and data, and are tasked with leading a team of junior members. 


The search for the best data entry specialists with exceptional skills is over! 


Outsourcing to the Philippines for data entry and analysis will certainly help you scale up your business. We can ensure that our candidates will be more than qualified for the handling of your electronic storage system, and growing your database. 

Some of the benefits you can get from outsourcing to the Philippines include: 

  • Reduced operation costs by up to 70%. You can recruit as many specialists as you want, and have a senior specialist manage the team. Then, you can just ensure a streamlined process so updates are delivered fast and accurately to your onshore team.
  • Digitally literate professionals with experience using data entry software and have impeccable efficiency. Filipino data entry specialists already know what to do, and can complete data management tasks efficiently.
  • Access to highly adaptable data entry specialists who are available on a part-time, full-time, or freelance basis.

You don’t have to worry about training, security, and other overheads because we’ll take care of that for you! 


Leave the job to the experts! 


A burden off your shoulder is always good, right? Let us help you find the right person for your company and bring more value to your work when it comes to data entry. Outsource to the Philippines so you can divert your time to growing your business! 

We can build you a dream team who is more than motivated to bring in good results. Filipino data entry specialists will offer the best level of support to your company with their various skills: 

  • A keen eye for details 
  • Database software and structure knowledge
  • Time management
  • Organization skills 
  • Integrity 
  • Data gathering skills 


Remember, we are all about helping you achieve your business goals. If you want to make a positive change, we are just one message away from providing you with the best service you could ever hope for! 


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Call Center Scripts That Win Customers

Call Center Scripts That Win Customers

Call Center Scripts That Win Customers

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When it comes to interacting with customers and giving them the best support and service possible, having a good call center script can make all the difference!

From responding to a simple query, to dealing with irate customers, the script would be useful in resolving any issue possible. Many companies use call center scripts for their calls, and they often cover various aspects of customer needs.

Before anything else…

Call Center Agent

What are call center scripts?


These scripts contain the talking points for the customers’ frequently asked questions, as well as other issues. Normally, there are appropriate responses for each query, and not all issues can be resolved using a generic response.

Imagine calling up a company to complain about a defective product, and instead of the representative explaining how you can refund your payment, she talks to you about how they value you as a customer and do nothing more after that. That would leave you frustrated, right?

Call center scripts exist to eliminate the frustration, or at least keep it to a minimum.


Why are call center scripts important?


Companies nowadays place more value in customer experience or CX. They have recognized its importance in retaining customers and building loyalty. A good CX would often lead to those two positive outcomes. On the other hand, negative CX would often result to bad word of mouth – making customers and their network hesitant about doing business with the company.

Based on the advisory group Gartner’s research, customer experience has overtaken both price and product as the key to not only attracting but keeping business [2021].


Benefits of a Good Call Center Script


Less errors
Dealing with customers is hard enough as it is. What more if you’re faced with an irate customer who can’t seem to calm herself down? With a good call center script, you can stick to step-by-step responses that will lead to a smooth resolution.

Training time is reduced
If you are aiming to be more efficient, then a good call center script will really come in handy. You can just provide the handouts to the team and have them review it before being onboarded to the call center day-to-day tasks. What’s good about this is you would also encourage the team to be self-starters!


Does your company have a good call center script?


Writing a few good sentences and using words that will make your customer smile doesn’t necessarily lead to a good call center script. You’ve got to take note of a winning formula!

Lucky for you, we know just the thing to keep you on your customers’ good side! While you can’t use a generic response for all calls, make sure you have the following embedded into or considered in your script:

1. Personalize
Make sure to give the proper introduction to humanize your interaction after referencing the business.

Then, address the caller by his or her name every single time.

2. Be straight to the point
For a customer, nothing sucks more than listening to a 5-minute spiel before you can get the resolution you need. The customer already knows that you are there to help. That is exactly why he or she called. Give your concise answer and avoid wasting their time.

3. Stick to conversational language
It can’t be helped that some issues would be more technical than others, but make sure to stick to conversational language as much as possible.

4. Have a response ready for demanding or hard-to-deal-with clients
An irate customer would more likely throw a fit if the caller doesn’t know how to respond to his or her queries. It is your job to have a response ready to keep them at bay before you pull out needed info or check on the status of their requests.

5. Be informed about the products and services
You’ve already personalized the call while sticking to conversational language, gave the answer to the question they are asking, and managed to keep the irate customer in a good mood with your well-prepared script.

What if they have other questions about the company’s products and services? You don’t want to end your winning streak with them! Make sure to review the company’s offerings so you can easily answer their follow-up questions.

6. Prepare the FAQs
If you are set to create a winning call center script, you shouldn’t miss the basics. In this case, it’s being prepared for the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs.

A Call Center Script That Wins Customers


Aside from the different elements that should be embedded into or considered in your script, you should also keep in mind that the calls should help you achieve your business goals.

Aim for positive CX, but make sure to get things done. What do we mean by that?

Include the caller in your database
Expanding your database is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. You may source the caller’s contact details (with their permission) so you can add it to your database.

Listen to the queries and list down pain points
You are already listening to the customer air out their concerns. You might as well list down pain points so the company can do better and make improvements.

Leave a good impression
Every call is an opportunity to ensure that the caller hangs up the phone with a positive brand impression. This makes sure that they will continue engaging with the business for the years to come.


Outsource to the Philippines for the best call center agents


Woman working in call center


Reduce costs for your business and increase efficiency by considering offshore call centers. Philippines is one of the top outsourcing hubs because the place has a huge pool of experienced and highly-trained call center workers. These workers are already native English speakers, and are known for their superb customer service and hospitality.

An entire team can bring 24/7 support to your business! Don’t underestimate the value that would arise from that.

We are all about helping you achieve your business goals. If you want to make a positive change, get started by sending us a message!

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Expert Content Moderators for Your Business

Expert Content Moderators for Your Business

Expert Content Moderators for Your Business

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One of the most in-demand digital marketing services in this day and age is content moderation. This task requires the moderators to create and maintain a safe space for businesses while enhancing their online reputations. They have a very important task at hand; they need to curate the social platforms and make sure all inappropriate content won’t bring harm to the company. As content moderators, they focus more on bringing different users’ positive comments to light and encouraging good discussions about the brand. 

Aside from blocking and filtering user-generated content, the responsibilities might also vary depending on a particular company’s requirements. Sometimes, these people are also relied on to uplift a brand’s search rankings and help a business understand its target audience more. 

Overall, their job is aimed at making the internet a safe place for all users. If your business is now realizing how important it is to enlist the help of expert content moderators, then you are in the right place! 

We can get you the right people to be on top of your content moderation practices with guaranteed results.

Content Moderator

Why do you need a content moderator? 


Keeping your website free from damaging user-generated content is a must. It is not only for your business’s sake but for your customers too! There is nothing else that could bring you peace of mind than having regular monitoring in place.

This helps keep your brand in the proper light, improve your online visibility, and enhance customer relations. 


There is no way for you to stop the 24-hour stream of posts from your customers, but you can always hire skilled workers to help you out!

Never deviate from your guidelines again by getting expert content moderators who are committed to being your brand’s advocates! 

You can outsource content moderators in the Philippines to curate your social platforms and work on a part-time, full-time, or even freelance basis. Plus, you get to save on operational costs, too! 


What skills does a good content moderator possess? 

They say that the more content your business produces, the greater the need for you to monitor everything. Don’t worry! If you have a team of reliable content moderators, then your business is in good hands. Here are some of the skills a good content moderator possesses: 


Linguistic Expertise

This has to be one of, if not already the top skill, a good content moderator must have. Linguistic expertise would help in ensuring that the purchase decision or brand perception of your customers won’t be affected by negative testimonials (spam or not) that you failed to hide. 

For instance, content moderators would read and evaluate the text-based reviews and see how they would affect the brand’s reputation. Once they are able to filter out what’s good and what’s not, then they would proceed to publish it. Think about it. If a new customer sees that there are many bad reviews for your e-commerce site, how do you expect them to buy from you? 

The linguistic expertise of your content moderator gives you the chance to check on your business and work on what you need to improve. 


Imagine seeing hundreds of repetitive comments, or oftentimes, annoying remarks that you need to read every day. If you don’t have the patience to go through everything and end up getting irked, you might find yourself in a keyboard-warrior moment with a user, and you don’t want that for your business! 

Expert content moderators have a high level of patience that allows them to perform their duties effectively. They do not get stressed over petty matters and will make sure your content strategy is in place. 


Solid Experience in Community Management 

So many things could get lost in translation in the online world. If you are present on many platforms, you need to be aware of how users interact there. There is a great chance that your content for one platform will be viewed differently by users on another platform. Thus, a good content moderator with experience in community management is a huge benefit! 

This means that they are aware of how people talk and interact on the platforms. Remember, context is everything!

Good Judgment 

Sure, a content moderator must be curious and open-minded, but if he or she cannot pass on a good judgment, then what good will that do? Expert content moderators should be able to improve the user experience to stay ahead in the game. 

Combined with their open-mindedness, contextual knowledge, and analytical skills in determining the suitable content for their audience, they need to publish the right content for the right platform. They also need to take into account the different guidelines for the best experience for users and stakeholders. 

The search for the best content moderators with exceptional skills is over! 


Outsourcing to the Philippines for content moderation will be the best decision you’d ever have to make for your business. We can ensure that our candidates will be able to pick it up in a flash!

Some of the benefits you can get from outsourcing to the Philippines include: 

  • Reduced operation costs of up to 70%
  • Digitally literate professionals with exposure to different online platforms and communities
  • Access to highly adaptable content moderators who are available on a part-time, full-time, or freelance basis

Last but not the least, you will have more time to focus on scaling your business! You don’t have to worry about training, security, and other overheads because we’ll take care of that for you! 


Leave the content dilemmas to the experts! 

Let us help you find the right person for your company and bring more value to your work when it comes to content. Outsource content moderation to the Philippines so you can divert your time to growing your business! 

From keeping the engagement up on social media platforms, and making sure your site is free of negative reviews, hate, and bullying, to maintaining the order of your online reputation, you can depend on us to match you with committed individuals who are experts at what they do. 

We are all about helping you achieve your business goals. If you want to make a positive change, get started by sending us a message! 

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Finding the Best Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Finding the Best Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Finding the Best Virtual Assistant for Your Business

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Typically called online assistants, executive assistants, or personal assistants, virtual assistants provide companies with their expertise in handling various tasks related to word processing, accounting, data entry, administrative and more. They make life a bit easier for the managers, leaving them to attend to the more important matters of the company! 

Virtual assistants can perform their roles from their own homes, and this flexibility benefits them and the company. For the assistants, the additional way to make more money can help improve their way of living. As for the company, they don’t need to hire more people and shell out other expenses! 

If you are looking to improve your business by hiring virtual assistants, then you are in the right place. You have the option to get them on a part-time, full-time, or freelance basis depending on your requirements! 

The Key to Success – How to Choose the Right Virtual Assistant? 

Lucky for you, there are many qualified virtual assistants in the Philippines who are highly dedicated to providing quality service each time.

They always make sure that your needs are attended to!

Still, it never hurts to be discerning and polish the qualifications to find the best person for the job!

Here are some of the skills a good virtual assistant must possess: 

Communication Skills

More often than not, a virtual assistant would need to handle multiple clients. With this, communication skills is unsurprisingly the top skill a good virtual assistant must possess. Business owners would benefit from someone who is comfortable and excellent in emails, reports, presentations and phone calls. 


The virtual assistant will act as the first point of contact when assigned to deal with correspondence and calls.

Aside from that, being able to write well is a bonus! 

Project Management

Whether the business requires the virtual assistant to be on top of travel preparations, find transportation, or book accommodations, project management sure plays a big part in the role! This also means being the organizer for events and conferences, managing files, and liaising with other external parties when needed.


A good virtual assistant can easily take on the role of a Project Manager.


Customer Service

Good communication skills won’t matter if the virtual assistant isn’t customer-oriented. Yes, this means seeing your client also as a customer you need to give 5-star service to! Giving a welcoming experience is fundamental especially for businesses that are heavy on direct communication with their own customers. 


Who says a virtual assistant has to work on data entry jobs all the time? You will be surprised at how many good ideas can come from them! Good virtual assistants are creative too, and they may be of help when you are thinking of a new marketing campaign, a lead generation strategy, and more.

Thirst for Learning

Last but not the least, a good virtual assistant loves learning. Sometimes, the actual skills from when he or she was employed aren’t complete, and there is a need to expand knowledge. Whether it’s completing a research, a major report, using different apps or systems, or any other task, the virtual assistant experience will require continuous learning and training. 

The search for the best virtual assistants with exceptional skills is over! 

The Philippines is undoubtedly one of the best places to find exceptional virtual assistants! Even if your business requires a more complex work arrangement, we can ensure that our candidates will be able to pick it up in a flash! 


Before you hire one, here are some points you need to know: 

  • Hiring is not such a difficult process as it normally only takes about a month and a half to get one. 
  • Virtual assistants are highly adaptable, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in training them especially when the work requires them to use new technology or a process they are not familiar with. They will just surprise you with their high quality work! 
  • You can choose from part-time, full-time or freelance depending on your business needs. 
  • Virtual assistants don’t just stick to repetitive clerical tasks. You may assign high-level tasks to those with more than 5 years of work, and who are pretty familiar with  Skype, Zendesk, or related platforms used for administrative duties.
  • There is no shortage of qualified virtual assistants in the Philippines. 


Keep your business running with a high-performance team

Outsourcing to the Philippines need not be a pain in the neck! We are here to make your life easier too, and it only starts with a simple click of a button to get the ball rolling. You will be able to save 60% to 80% of operational costs (including occupancy) by hiring offshore or Filipino virtual assistants. 

Plus, the majority of the Filipino virtual assistants and would-be assistants speak the English language with near to complete fluency. You won’t have a hard time communicating with them or worrying about whether your customers would have some trouble connecting with them. 

Lastly, who would say no to excellent service? 

Let us help you find the right virtual assistant for your company and bring in more value to the work that you do. Are you ready? Let’s talk business! 


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