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Finding the right office space is one of the most import decisions facing any company. Whether you’re a startup or thinking about expanding, you have several factors to take into consideration: budget, number of employees, location, space needs, just to name a few. For businesses seeking a quick and cost-effective solution, hot seat leasing offers many advantages. At KamelMedia, we have the capacity to sustain all seat-leasing requirements and customize our facilities to accommodate your needs. Our outsourced seat leasing plans include computers, furniture, office cubicles, fast internet connection, air conditioning, conference rooms and a lunchroom. Everything you need to hit the ground running!

Why Choose Hot Seat Leasing Over Cold Seat Leasing

Unlike cold seat leasing (where you receive only the infrastructure), hot seat leasing delivers the all-in-one package that provides your company with not only the infrastructure, but also the personnel needed to carry out your selected tasks. Based on your needs, you can lease anywhere from one staffed workstation, to an entire office floor, at a reasonable price. This protects your business from liability and releases you from the expensive, time-consuming HR responsibilities associated with recruiting, interviewing, hiring and paying salaries.

Known also as virtual staffing, hot seat leasing is the ideal solution for businesses looking to outsource specific jobs (administrative, back office, etc.) so they can focus on their core services. KamelMedia has not only the experience but also the personnel and the facilities needed to ensure you get the most out of each outsourced employee.

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  • Reduced risk and liability
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The Advantages of Seat Leasing in the Philippines

Outsourced seat leasing has grown in popularity over the years due to the recent recessions in western economies as well as the high startup costs in those countries. If you’re searching for a solid, trustworthy outsourcing company in the Philippines, KamelMedia offers advanced facilities with cutting-edge technology, ample office space, highly motivated personnel and the most competitive prices in the market. Working with KamelMedia, you have the opportunity to grow and save money at the same time.

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