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Closing sales on outbound calls is far from easy, even for the most experienced telemarketers. It requires training, commitment, attitude and passion. Setting up an in-house call center operation and training multiple sales representatives to work cohesively toward strict objectives can be a logistical and financial nightmare. Whether you aim to scale your telemarketing team or build one from the ground up, KamelMedia can provide your organization with the technology and personnel needed to enhance your existing customer relationships, generate new leads and increase sales.

KamelMedia, Your Trusted Partner for Outbound Calls and Telemarketing

These days, many companies decide to hire an outsourced telemarketing service to contact leads and existing customers. Time is an expensive commodity, and the truth is, most executives already have their hands full with everything else going on in their operations. Time, energy and money are much too precious to spend on managing telemarketing teams. Besides, without the necessary experience, where would you start?

What separates KamelMedia from the competition is our “know-how.” Our team approaches its telemarketing goals with passion and hunger – not something to be taken lightly. Thus, we only hire highly-motivated individuals, men and women who take great pride in closing sales and hitting their targets. Not only will they help boost conversion, customer acquisition and lead generation, but they will also keep customers on your radar and lay the groundwork for future success.

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  • Expertise and know-how
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Outsourced Telemarketing: The Proven Solution to Boost Sales and Revenue

Telemarketing can be a very efficient method for reaching your target audience and closing sales. Due to its many advantages, companies spend significant amounts of money training telemarketing teams. Such an undertaking, however, can drain your resources. KamelMedia offers an ideal outsourcing solution, created and tested to improve sales conversion without compromising quality or productivity.

Professional telemarketers are not hired off the street. These individuals are a selective breed. They must possess excellent communication skills, be persuasive yet likeable, aggressive but also polite, intelligent, disciplined and extremely motivated. Our team has been thoroughly trained to approach outbound sales with the responsibility and determination needed to succeed. Hire KamelMedia and put them to work for you!

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