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The process of Quality Assurance (QA) guarantees the best and safest user experience for your customers while ensuring that your software meets the highest possible standards. At KamelMedia, we deliver high-quality QA outsourcing services with an emphasis on customized solutions and on-time delivery, making it our priority to keep up-to-date with the latest software testing technologies and the most efficient practices. In other words, our mission is to guarantee that your product is 100% ready for use and distribution.
Whether you need to outsource your QA testing for software, mobile apps or websites, KamelMedia will make sure that your product runs safely and smoothly.

What Makes Our Quality Assurance Services Stand Out?

Outsourcing your QA process means that the implementation of testing is performed by a third-party company, but under your control and guidance. It is an excellent solution for specific, one-time projects with an established budget and deadline.

By hiring KamelMedia, you’ll work remotely with our team of experienced testing professionals using our established management system and proven testing methods. Our services go beyond simply testing; we make sure your product works to perfection. KamelMedia offers full-life-cycle QA that includes planning, design, execution and reporting with feedback to improve your product.

We perform QA testing services for websites, desktop and mobile applications, software programs and more. Working with us, your company will be able to meet its timeline, stay within budget and deliver a polished and finely-tuned product.

Why you should hire us:

  • All types of testing
  • Advanced facilities
  • Custom reporting
  • Process integration
  • Total QA coverage
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Free quote
  • 24/7 availability

Why Should You Outsource Quality Assurance?

KamelMedia’s intelligent approach to quality assurance has resulted in hundreds of successful projects and satisfied customers. We offer expertise, cost savings, on-time delivery and a guarantee to improve the quality of your software so that it performs properly from the first day of its launch.

There are many benefits and reasons to outsource your quality assurance testing. Hiring and training full-time in-house QA testers can be very costly, especially when it’s not guaranteed you’ll be using them all year round. Another case would be, when a project requires more testers than a company currently has available. In these situations, outsourcing the QA process becomes an attractive solution.

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